VISPL is Chemistry focused Contract Research Organization based out of Hyderabad, India. Founded in 2015, We provide Discovery chemistry, Chemical development and Informatics services to global Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Chemical industries, Agro companies, Academia and Research Institutions located across the US, Europe, and APAC regions. Synthetic chemistry support for medicinal chemistry and chemical development groups, From lead discovery, lead optimization to preclinical and early clinical development. We can synthesize milligram to multi kilogram quantities. Services are available on a ‘Fee-For-Service ’ (PO based) and a ‘Full-Time-Equivalent’ model.

Our core scientific leadership at VISPL has decades of experience in Drug discovery, Chemical development and Contract Research Services with excellent problem solving skills. Our goal is to support clients in producing excellence in their own research, achieving their milestones and business objectives on time, within budget and we engage with clients as a value added partner. Our team ensures safety, protection of IP and maintains confidentiality of data thus enforcing trust with our clients.

  • Required infrastructure
  • Experienced professionals
  • Passionate, Creative team with Problem-solving skills
  • High performance
  • Quality driven
  • Customer focused
  • Flat organization
  • Quick response
  • Faster / on time delivery


Aim to be a Reliable Research Partner in the Global Service Industry with our Expertise, Quality and Unique Economic Advantage


With our Science, Innovation & Commitment we give our best in every step that we take to help our clients reach their goals


Customer centricity


100+ Man years of CRO Experience

20+ Innovator clients

2000+ compounds delivered in last 3 years


ISO 9001:2015